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A visitor of ours recently submitted an icon set (yes, we actually listen to our visitors!) that is really innovative and unique in many ways, and It was definitely worthy of getting posted on 365icon.com. The set is called “Helvetwitca”, and was created by my friend Momo.

This icon is a Twitter bird created from characters from the Helvetica font. “Helvetwitca” is created using Helvetica Neue LT 45 Light for it’s body, Helvetica Neue for the foot and Helvetica Neue LT 95 Black for the smiling eye and mouth. The vector bird is free to use and redistribute. The author does request that you link back to their site (link below)

I really hope you like this icons set. It has even inspired me to play around with the idea, but with other cool fonts that I like, like Trebuchet, Museo and Helvetica Neue. Really creative stuff here and i hope you like it.

Thanks for visiting 365icon.com, and as always, have fun with your design!

Includes: 1 icon
File Types: Adobe Illustrator, EPS and JPG files
Download size: 0.48 MB
Author: Author Halomomo

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