Snooker Balls

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These snooker ball icons look like they’ve been trough hell! The poor guys look all tired and battered! All of the Snooker Balls icons are beautifully put together and have a great glossy look to them. Cool set of glossy emoticon balls =)

Includes: 8 icons
File Types: .png
Icon Sizes: 122×123
Download size: 168 KB

snooker ball emotion icons

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10 Responses

    • Janet says:

      galleryjJune 2, 2010Hi, great icons. Just one thing how come the Flickr icon is just like the Facebook ion but pink. Any chance of fkiclr icon like the one you are using here on your site with a blue & pink dot?Thanks

  1. deksamrong says:

    Very nice! Thanks!

  2. Jitesh says:

    Its Cool! Thanks!

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  4. gyurim says:

    very nice!! thanks!!

  5. Boomer says:

    Can the snooker icons be used in commercial projects? What is the licensing?

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