Mac Dock Makeover

on June 16 | in Dock Icons, Mac Icons | by | with 9 Comments

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Looking at the same icons day after day can get old. Fast. Trust me… I’m always changing the look of my iPhone and MacBook Pro! So hopefully this post will help you give your mac docks a new wardrobe as well!

Update: 03/07/2010

Previously, this post had a pretty nice lineup of awesome mac dock icons, with links to their authors. However, the icons are no longer available.

Currently Updating This Post. Come back soon, bookmark it, YOU WONT REGRET IT! ;)



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9 Responses

  1. kay says:

    Please give me some png files.

  2. kay says:

    Your work is very exciting

  3. Ryan Noble says:

    when i hit command+i for the icon i downloaded it shows me the preview icon. how can i change this to display the actual icon i want it to be

  4. Hi says:

    the icons dont download! it says error 404 on the webpage and then some weird words in some other languge please help!

  5. Hi says:

    thank you. when will you have the new post by at least st patricks day the 17th?

    • Jonathan says:

      I’m hoping to have it finished by the end of the day tomorrow (Monday). I am also putting together a Mac Dock Makeover 2 post for this week as well. Basically, every time i update my own mac dock, i’m going to post my new theme for others to enjoy also.

  6. When says:

    when???? when??? when?? when? WHEN

  7. Keith says:

    So whenever I choose a PNG/JPEG file to replace the original, it doesn’t show the image, just the preview! I noticed (when changing other icons) that .icn worked, but normal images dot. Help?

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