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Today i found a really cool icon that takes me back to being a kid again… a Slurpee icon. The first memory that comes to mind is riding my bike up to the nearest 7-11 with a friend to get a slurpee and some candy. $1.00 could handle the whole order back then! The worst was when you’re riding back with handle bar in one hand and the slurpee in the other, and you hit a bump and drop the slurpee! Oh man! That happened to me a few times lol. Anyways, I really hope you like this icon. The detail is really nice (look at the 512×512 png file).

Thanks for visiting, and as always, have fun with your design!
See you again tomorrow!

Includes: 1 icon
File Types: png, ico, icns, mac folder
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Max size: 512×512
Author: Author Jonas Rask Design

slurpee icon

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