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Welcome to the Paper Planet Mac Dock Theme!

Guess what guys? Today is my birthday! I’m now 29 years young! Being the incredibly generous gentleman that i am, i figure what better way to celebrate my bday than to give every visitor of a present of their own… any guess what it could be? What else?! An incredibly cool, and well detailed, set of icons! So let’s get to it…

First things first… Wow! That’s all I have to say!!! This is one of the hottest Mac dock themes that i have ever seen! Paper Planet is completely unique, and is composed of an array of 50 Mac dock icons that have a “wrinkled paper scribbled with red sharpie” feel to them. They are free, so by all means, ENJOY THEM!

The 365icon MacDock has officially been made over! Paper Planet - Mac Dock Makeover 3

Includes: 50 icons
File Types: mac
Max Icon Size: 512×512
Download size: 5.3 MB
Author: tokyo-go-go

Paper Planet Mac Dock icons

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