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HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all of you guys out there that are taking good care of your families! This is actually my first Father’s Day, and it felt incredible to wake up to my smiling little boy and wife this morning. That’s all I really needed to make my day, so the extra presents I got to open this morning were a huge bonus! I suggest that all fathers relax all day today and enjoy doing whatever you find fun and entertaining. As for me, after posting today’s update for 365icon, I won’t be working anymore all day long!

Today’s set of icons are a really special set. This is for all of the dads who have “little monsters” running around the house doing what they do best: getting into EVERYTHING! LOL. The Monsters icon set is a really creative, fun set of icons that include monsters and ghosts, and I really hope you enjoy them.

As always, enjoy, have fun with your design, and thanks for visiting! See you again tomorrow!

Happy Father’s Day!!!!!!!!

Includes: 7 icons
File Types: .png, .icns, .ico
Max Icon Size: 256×256
Download size: 0.32 MB
Author: Author TurboMilk

monster and ghost icons

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