Matte Nano Iphone Icons

By February 17, 2010 Dock Icons, iPhone, Mac Icons 2 Comments

Ok! I love “matte” everything! Matte custom paint jobs on cars, matte business cards… heck! I even like matte Spiderman fruitsnacks my wife buys me (err… my son lol) more than the glossy ones! So u know it was a must that I downloaded, installed and wrote about these incredible iphone icons. There are a total of 32 icons in this pack! Add some flavor to your iPhone theme today.

Place in /Library/Themes and apply using WinterBoard. Enjoy!

Includes: 32 icons
File Types: .psd, .theme
Max Icon Size: 60×60
Download size: 2.1 MB
Author: Author


matte nano iphone icons

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