Mac Dock Makeover 2 – Winter Mac Dock Theme

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Mac Dock Makeover 2 – A Winter Mac Dock Theme

Here is part two to our previously popular post, Mac Dock Makeover! I recently updated my Mac dock, and decided to write a post about the actual icons i used, and share them with you too. I sort of went with a winter style theme, based on white, silver, and blue colors to give my dock a “chilled” look. As i update my Mac dock, I will be posting more “Mac Dock Makeover” themes in the future, so be sure to subscribe and get your weekly updates!

Icons included:

Dashboard Icon
Safari Icon
Finder Icon
Quicktime X Icons
Arctic Firefox Icon
Chrome X Icons
Photoshop Feather Icons
iPhone iTunes Icon
Aperture Lens Icon

Click on the Pictures to Download

Mac Dashboard Icon

Safari Icon

Finder Icon

Quicktime X Icon

White Firefox Icon

Chrome X Icon

Aperture Icon

Photoshop Feather Icon

Iphone Icon end result:


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24 Responses

  1. Matt says:

    I cannot get the dashboard or finder to replace with new icon. Anyway to delete the original finder icon off from dock?

    • Jonathan says:

      Hey Matt, the system icons like the Finder icon is much harder to fix than the regular application icons. The best way to go about getting that changed is to use a program such as CandyBar. Use the free trial run.

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  6. hung says:

    can’t wait to change my icons

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  8. westcoast21 says:

    Hi! I am wondering where I can find your background? The grey, grainy wood planks? Just gorgeous. Love the icons too! :)

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