Mac Dock Makeover 2 – Winter Mac Dock Theme


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Mac Dock Makeover 2 – A Winter Mac Dock Theme

Here is part two to our previously popular post, Mac Dock Makeover! I recently updated my Mac dock, and decided to write a post about the actual icons i used, and share them with you too. I sort of went with a winter style theme, based on white, silver, and blue colors to give my dock a “chilled” look. As i update my Mac dock, I will be posting more “Mac Dock Makeover” themes in the future, so be sure to subscribe and get your weekly updates!

Icons included:

Dashboard Icon
Safari Icon
Finder Icon
Quicktime X Icons
Arctic Firefox Icon
Chrome X Icons
Photoshop Feather Icons
iPhone iTunes Icon
Aperture Lens Icon

Click on the Pictures to Download

Mac Dashboard Icon

Safari Icon

Finder Icon

Quicktime X Icon

White Firefox Icon

Chrome X Icon

Aperture Icon

Photoshop Feather Icon

Iphone Icon end result:


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