How To Manually Change the Color of your Mac Dock


So I’ve been on this “Mac Makeover” kick recently, and for plenty of good reason. Macs rule. Customizing Macs double rules. In the past, I’ve written tutorials on How to Change Your Mac Dock Icons and today, I’m going to teach you how to manually change your Mac dock. We will be going through the process step by step, and i will also be posting a few tips and things you should know and remember right below the tutorial. I don’t usually do these things manually, so feel free to comment, ask questions, or make suggestions!

Ok, so let’s get to it!

Change the Color of Your Mac Dock Icon in 15 Easy Steps

Step 1

Go to Macintosh HD > System > Library > CoreServices > Dock.

Step 2

Right click, and click on Show Package Contents.

Step 3

Go to Contents > Resources.

Step 4

Find the four Scurve files and drag them to your desktop.

Step 5

Make a folder for them called ‘Default’.

Step 6

Copy and Paste the folder, and rename it to ‘Modified’.

Step 7

Open the first file in your ‘Modified’ folder in Preview. Go to Tools > Adjust Color.

Step 8

Drag the sliders around until you like the color. Remember the positions of all of the sliders. You may want to take a screenshot (Command+Shift+4).

Step 9

Save the file.

Step 10

Modify the other three files in the same way.

Step 11

Copy and paste your ‘Modified’ folder and rename it ‘Files to Use’

Step 12

Go back to the Dock’s Resources folder in Finder. Delete the original Scurve files by dragging them to the Trash (this requires an Administrator password).

Step 13

Drag the files from your ‘Files to Use’ folder into the Resources folder (this requires an Administrator password)

Step 14

Delete your now-empty ‘Files to Use’ folder.

Step 15

Close all of your Finder windows and Restart your computer.

Warning: Very Important

– Make sure you save the default files, you never know when you will want or need the default style back.

Things to keep in mind

– Make sure that your Mac Dock is set to horizontal, as the vertical position will NOT show your newly colored Dock.
– If you are playing around with a few different colors, and you don’t want to restart the process every time, try this: Open Terminal, then click Shell > New Command. Now write “killall Dock” (without the quotations) to relaunch the Dock.
– This is a manual method of changing the color of your dock. There are also programs on the web that can speed up this process.
– There are tons of replacement Dock designs available on the web. Google around and see what you can find.
– You can also try this process on the Trash can picture, or any other pictures on any application if you want a color change.

The Obvious

– A Macintosh computer running Mac OS X 10.5.0 or later (Leopard) is needed. end result:

There you go! Thanks for reading. Again, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment!
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