Steve Jobs – Forever

By October 7, 2011 Tech One Comment

As the certainty of things in life come and go, one thing will last forever. And that thing is the actions that take place. On the day your life left your body, it lit up the hearts of countless individuals across the globe. You, Steve Jobs, were spoken about from all corners of the world. And this action of mourning by your admirers, peers, and loved one across the face of the very world that you changed will always hold true to the history of humanity. As the certainty of things in life come and go, one thing will be forever. And that one thing is the impact that you made on life as we know.

Rest in peace, Steve Jobs.

Jonathan Allen

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  • Jason says:

    Its sad to hear about this. Im sorry for steve jobs. He created many jobs ha ha. seriously he was a man of vision technologically speaking and this just after the release of the new iphone and recent story’s in the news of his many successes. He climbed the corporate ladder, he was involved in controversy with microsoft(from what I know), but he has persevered and will be revered for that. Rip steve and though I didnt know you i am still saddened by your untimely death.peace.

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