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The process of crafting a website includes a number of stages. First of all, you have to deal with actually creating the webpage, making sure that you are inserting the appropriate content, dealing with the user experience or simply hiring a web designer to take care of this task for you. When you are pleased with the final result, you will obviously push it live and wait for the visitors to admire your piece of work. It is likely that your website will have areas that your visitors will find hard to understand or navigate. In order to be able to improve any website, small or large, you need to connect with your visitors. Only they can tell you what they like or dislike, what they find confusing and how it could be improved.

This is where you should become acquainted with Hotjar. This is a new service that includes a number of features which will help you connect with your audience and use their feedback and interactions to improve your website.


To begin with, Hotjar puts heatmaps at your disposal and this is a great way to understand how visitors use and behave on a particular page. To be more precise, the heatmaps will show you the taps, clicks and scrolls of your visitors and present data in a heatmap helping you understand which areas are being frequently interacted with and which areas that doesn’t get any attention at all.

Next, you will be able to gather direct feedback and to conduct online surveys. These are incredible easy to setup and launch and you will be able to start collecting feedback in minutes. This will help you answer critical questions like: Why did you decide not to order this product? Is there any critical information missing on our website? Or any other question you might have. Hotjar comes equipped with many other features, such as: funnel and form analysis, visitor playback, recruit user testers and more. You should definitely give it a try.


At the moment they are in open beta and you can try the tool for free by signing up for their early access program. Also, if you refer five new users you will have the advantage of using Hotjar free of charge for six months.

In in end, it is clear that this is a tool that you shouldn’t neglect. This will help you gain more customers, become aware of the flaws of your site and get rid of the things that bother your visitors.

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