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I was delighted to see that twitter has made a very refreshing, and overdue, revision to their homepage today! Taking a break from a new website I will be launching this weekend,, i logged out of its twitter account, @twbugg, and when i went to log into my account for 365icon, wham! There it was. Fresh, clean shades of blue clouds and sun rays… and of course, the iconic twitter bird (which looks to be updated as well).

It seems like Twitter has been multitasking lately. They just officially changed the title of “updates” to “tweets” yesterday, and now this. I likey. =) Now if they could only throw in all of the bells and whistles that the 3rd party apps like Tweetie and Tweetdeck incorporate in their user experience. Either way, I’m hoping that the new additions will continue to come out. I use Twitter all day everyday. If my iPhone was shower proof, I would be tweeting about that in the mornings. No, really. But hey, who isn’t addicted to Twitter? One tweet and you’re hooked. Anyhow, good job guys. The homepage looks great. Keep up the good work, and keep the updates and additions coming!  Cheers!

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