TGIF!!! – Breakdown of the Work Week

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Ha! Classic!

TGIF Everyone!!!

I love Fridays. They normally mean the end of a long work week and the beginning of an uber-fun weekend. Even if you are a robot enjoy your job, it’s like it’s some sort of ingrained instinct to yearn for those sweet two days off. And when it’s a 3 day weekend…oh man, forget about it. It’s like you and everyone you know magically got a second birthday! Everyone is running around like they got the extra biscuit at the dinner table! Even now that I work for myself, there are times where those 5 days of work seem like a modern day version of Driving Miss Daisy… except slower.

One may ask “what exactly is it about the work week that is such a drag?”.  Well, here is my breakdown of the work week, Monday through Friday:

Monday is the dreadful “I’m ready to get off already and I just walked in the flippin door” first day back at work.  You’re dead tired, and what’s even more convenient, so is your boss. And it’s showing.  Tuesday is the “Ok I’m kind of back in the swing of things” slow workday that drags like Dennis Rodman in the mid 90′s.  Wednesday is hump day aka “I’m already looking forward to the weekend… Friday stop hiding! I can see you!” day.  Thursday is mysteriously a carbon copy of Tuesday, except you’re coming down with a major case of weekend-itis.  And then… ahhhhh… breath that Friday air in. Your feet are up (no, literally), your internal headphones are on, and you’re watching the clock tick minute by minute like a 5 year old on the night of Christmas Eve! (In my case, back in the day, I was sitting in the back row of a Verizon B2B call center, either with my phone off the hook or using it to prank call my fellow employees.)  5 oclock hits and its like the school bell went off!

Ah, the joys of earning money and getting time off to spend it. If you are at work as you are reading this, steal some time from the company you work for take some time off today and check out the icon pack of the day. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Today’s icon pack is called Denim Social. It is a huge (38.3 MB to be exact) compilation of 108 (told you it was huge) social media icons that are laced with a really cool denim texture. They have amazing attention to detail (stitches and everything) and will surely look great in almost any project or application.  Enjoy the icons, see you over the weekend, and again… TGIF!

What’s your favorite thing about Friday?
Feel free to make a comment below.

Traffic stopping excitement!

This little guy has the right idea!

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  1. Best thing about Friday for me is sleeping knowing I wake up next to my 1-year old son the next day – he wakes up late. :)

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