Designing a Website for Your Small Business

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Designing a Website for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you are quickly learning that the Internet is key to running a successful and profitable business. You are likely concerned with the cost and upkeep of a website, but the good news is that you can design it yourself with little to no experience in web design. There are two types of websites that you should create: a regular site that customers will access from their home computers, and a mobile website that customers will access from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Designing a Website

There are many companies that offer free web addresses, and you can take advantage of this for your first website design. If you decide later that you want to purchase the web address for your business, you can import what you have designed on your new site. But if you need to create a website quickly and cheaply, a free webpage is a great way to start. Most of these sites will provide templates for you to create your site, which means that you only need to fill in information and insert photographs or images, such as logos. Make sure that your design includes key features, such as any logo that your business has and your business’s complete contact information. Your design should incorporate this information on the homepage. Website creators then allow you to create additional pages and tabs where you can include any other information you want about your business. The process is fairly simple, and with a little time investment, you can design your own website for free.

Designing a Mobile Website

Just as there are templates to get you started on your regular website, there are also mobile website templates that can do the same thing. A bonus of mobile website creators is that they can often import the design from your regular website into a mobile version. This is why it is a good idea to create your regular website first. Your mobile site should have a similar design to your regular website. Don’t, for example, give it a different color scheme or include different information. It should still have the basics on its homepage, such as a description of your business and all current contact information. It is important to design your mobile website with mobile devices in mind, so try not to include large images or long sections of text, especially on the home page. Your mobile design should be inspired by your regular site, but keep in mind that you can make some different choices to ensure that the page looks great on smaller screens.

You need both types of websites in order to reach the largest customer base possible, and you can create both on your own. Always remember to check both of your website designs on the devices that will be used to access them. Use a smartphone or tablet to check the design of your mobile website as you need to be able to see what it will look like once it is launched, and because customers are actually using mobile devices to view it.

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