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By December 10, 2009 Site Updates 8 Comments

So I’ve been thinking of a new idea for 365icon.com and i need your help on it… I’ve been pondering, sort of tip toeing around the idea of adding a huge database of icons of all sorts to the site, and creating a main search function to the homepage. Right now, 365icon is focused only on presenting the very most creative, unique and visually fascinating icons on the web. However, we cannot overlook the common need for general icons like those that come in many web developer packs.

Right now if you skim our inventory, you will find the likes of Star Warz (a huge hit!), Mario Bros, unique Twitter birds, etc. But what we want to do is take it back to the basics… arrows, search buttons, check marks, stars, chat bubbles, and others. I mean, if we’re going to give away free skittles, why leave one or two colors out? Why not give away the whole bag? So that is pretty much where I am at with 365icon right now. I would most likely be looking at offering over 25,000 icons to start with, and eventually moving in the direction of over 100,000 icons, and so on.

My question to you all is this: “Is this something that would benefit you? Would this be useful to you webmasters and bloggers?” Please leave a comment below!

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  • Tiago says:

    Maybe you should, but IMHO, it’ll not be easy.

  • Lee Gustin says:

    I think that having “the whole bag” would be greatly beneficial to not only webmasters and bloggers, etc, but designers in general. I love seeing great icons, but I love seeing great icons that I know I will use in projects, even better!

    Keep up the great work guys.

  • Dan P says:

    It would be useful yes, but I would think that many designers have found their sources for that, since many are already in place to provide the basic icon sets of search fields, glossy buttons, help buttons, etc..

    the unique thing that got me as a subscriber here was that it wasn’t just a run-of-the-mill source of generic icons. It was the place to go for the big, well crafted unique ones. Maybe not as universally practical, but definitely something to set you apart.

  • Seth W says:

    I think if you keep providing especially high quality icons like you currently do on occasion plus add a large set of icons that are searchable.. I would stop by a lot more.

    There are few good sources of high-quality icons. If you go the route of including mass-icon sets then be sure you only select the free ones that are worth using. Do not stuff your database with thousands of useless icons no one wants to use. Also categorizing them well goes a long ways for usability. Just think of the traffic potential.

    Right now most bloggers and designers like my self have to search a variety of places to find icons they like. If you made a database that was easily searchable, nicely categorized and all high-quality.. I would bookmark you and never stop coming to check your site first.

  • Pup says:

    That would be the best ever great idea!

  • Zack says:


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