Twofer Tuesdays

Today we released an awesome container pack that has a sort of grungy feel, and incredible attention to detail.  This is one of two packs that we are putting out.  We were thinking of putting out the second container pack tomorrow, however, we ultimately decided that might be interpreted as a “wasted” opportunity for our viewers to get a “new” icon pack.   I mean, it’s a new pack, but it’s not a “new” pack, if you know what I mean (two container icons packs, two days in a row???- nah, we’re better than that!).   So we are listing the new pack today in conjunction with the original container icons pack that we put up this morning.  Sort of like a “twofer”.  Then we thought to ourselves “Hey, who doesn’t like a twofer?  Why not give our loyal visitors something extra?”.  So we are now making every tuesday “Twofer Tuesday”.  Every tuesday, we will post two free high quality icons sets instead of one!  We are excited about Twofer Tuesdays, and are thinking of more fun ways to bring new free resources to the design community every day.  Thanks so much for your support.  We have gotten an incredible response in the last week, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for 365icon!

We want your feedback! What do you suggest we do to make 365icon a more fun and resourceful place?

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