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Hey guys! Ok. Today has had its fair share of ups and downs. But it had an up that totally surprised me (in a great way!). So today, after locking myself, my wife, and my 14 month old son Landon out of our house, in the rain, and wasting $40 bucks on a 2 minute locksmith, I’m finally back inside! Hooray!!! The first thing i did was text some buddies to see if they were playing Modern Warfare 2. No luck. Next best thing? Aha, let’s pull out the trusty MacBook Pro! And boy am I glad I did! But we will get to that in a few minutes…

Lately I’ve been making some minor changes to to improve its SEO in an attempt to pick up more organic traffic from Google and Bing, and other search engines as well. Aside from that, I use a few different plugins that keep track of daily visits, pageviews and (mainly) referrals because I literally love running this website and interacting with you all. One plugin that i particularly enjoy is Wassup. It has a WordPress dashboard widget that tells me how many people are currently on the site, and where they came from. The great part of that is the simple fact that its in the dashboard and takes two seconds to view. Another great thing about it is that if someone previously typed in a keyword or phrase in Google, then clicked on a 365icon link, it will show that particular url string, allow me to click it, navigate to that exact search query, and see exactly where landed in the Google search results for that particular keyword or key phrase. Nothing revolutionary going on there, but it’s cool and very convenient, nevertheless.

So i did just that. I logged into my WP dashboard, scrolled down to view the current visitors and site referrals, and clicked on a link to one of my visitor’s Google search… and lo and behold! Our somewhat popular post NorthStar iPhone Icons was sitting pretty in the second spot on the first page of Google for keyword “better icon styles for iphone”! Now, I see plenty of our pages ranking daily anywhere between 2nd and 4th placement on the first page of Google for various keywords, so generally this would not have been so exciting. But as i was looking over the site that ranked higher than mine, i glanced down at the sites that ranked directly below us, and… ZOMG! It was! Now, I’m not trying to toot my own horn here, but they just so happened to be 2 notches below us! LOL So’s post was for Facebook icons for the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad that are located in the iTunes store. Ummm… newsflash…they are the creator of the iPhone. No search for “iPhone anything” should yield results that rank higher than’s, IMHO. But hey, I’m not complaining!

So aside from this strawberry margarita I’m sipping on right now (no, literally… as i’m typing this post), this has really been the highlight of my night. Outranking for an iPhone related keyword on Google is definitely something to remember. I will NEVER delete these sceenshots ;) . Well, thanks for listening to my embellishment! TGIF everyone!!!

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10 Responses

  1. Pup says:

    Nice Job! I had my own website before, but man, I never got up in the first page! NEVER! Keep up the good work! Pup ;)

  2. forex robot says:

    nice post. thanks.

  3. tee are says:

    congratz man… keep up the goodwork :)

  4. machbio says:

    your wassup plugin is creating some problems in the front page.. just check it out.. the error message is something like this..
    “pregcatch() call error…”

  5. This proves your Hard work, keep it up

  6. Reaaly nice post. Thats a great accomplishment.

  7. Good job! I hope you get on #1!

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